About Us

Ramta Solutions overview

Ramta Solutions offers extra classes for mathematics; mathematical literacy; natural sciences and physical sciences. We are tutors whose objective are simply to see your child excel. Our programs are designed to give your child confidence to write their next test or exam.

Having been in the field since 2017, the company has gained valuable experience that taught it how to create value and quality. Our business model is centered on customer satisfaction and improved results for their children. By choosing us, you choose an upgrade in your child's marks.

high school learners discussing during break time

Why We Should be Your Tutor?

  • We have tutors with the passion and the understanding of each subject they tutor
  • We offer both one-on-one and online lessons. 

  • We constantly update our blog page to offer best explanations to pass exams
  • Our tutors know that the we pride ourselves with the success of our clients
  • We encourage independence and are empathetic, listening and motivating our clients
  • All our tutors have a desire to help and can explain material in multiple ways
  • Our tutors are able to adapt to students they work with and provide the energy and enthusiasm required to keep the clients attentive
Our tutors help with homeworks and assignments