Free Study Guides

There are a lot of study guides that learners can download for free.

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In this post, we give you a list of sites where you can download study guides.

We urge everyone who has access to the internet to download these books and transfer to school children. Your mobile data can be an act of kindness. Once a child knows how to attempt questions/problems, he/she will not struggle to pass their exams.

Mind the Gap study guides

The department of Education’s Mind the Gap study guides are for subjects:

Click here to get your copies of these books.

Via Africa study guides

This textbook publisher has a wide range of free study guides for almost all subjects for grade 10 to grade 12. They also have study guides for languages. Visit their website to download the study guides.

Siyavula textbooks

Yes, you saw the right thing. We mentioned free study guides but now we are talking about textbooks. These books are compiled through an initiative by the Department of Basic Education, Old Mutual, Inzalo, Vodacom, Metropolitan, and many more companies.

They have books for the followimg:

Click here to download these textbooks.

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