To choose which package is suitable for you, please take a look at the following prices for our affordable tutor services and when ready, go fill the form in the Get a Tutor page.

Once-off lessons

Bulk extra lessons

5 hour package
R 775
Ideally one hour per week. Ideal for students seeking revision only. Package of question papers only session
10 hour package
R 1 500
It offers two to three hours a week. This is ideal for concept explanation and revision. The package also includes drilling question papers and class exercises.
14 hour package
R 2 000
Ideally three to four hours per week/session. Ideal for those in home schooling and those in need of full topics explanation. Also covers covers question paper and class exercise revision
18 hours package
R 2 600
Offers four to five hours per week. Also a package for those in home schooling and those who generally need that extra class for the road to a distinction.