We offer extra classes for grade 8 -12 learners for the subjects:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Mathematics
One-on-one tutoring

We provide one-on-one extra lessons for clients. When you request a one-on-one with us, you will receive a tutor right at your door step, in the comfort of your home.

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Group tutoring

We offer group tutoring for those that love a company of their besties or put a random group for people that are either in the same area. This is cheaper than the one-on-one sessions and should be arranged well in advance.

Online Lessons

For clients who love Ramta Solutions but are far from the territories we serve, we provide online classes. We have also introduced online classes for all other classes. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made this option the best. We use WhatsApp for such services.

Exam boot camp sessions

We offer exam preparation lessons and sessions. This are offered prior exam time, around May, August (for grade 12s) and October. These boot camps are where learners will book their seats for a slot addressing their topics of concern. They are not the learn new material sessions but summaries and take home notes for improved exam confidence. 


In our website, you will find some notes and textbooks that are free to copy. You will also find a blog page that has some articles explaining some concept in your child's classroom. You can also visit our YouTube page to watch some of our videos.

Homeworks and assignments

Our signed up clients get free homework assistance and can choose to do their assignments on the assigned tutor times or pay separately at a discounted price.